Uniguard UniClear Seal Guards

Uniguard UniClear Guards™ were specifically developed to ensure employee safety as well as meet compliance of government regulations that stipulate all rotating machinery must be guarded. They are designed to be easily installed, allow for visual inspections and yet they are economical. Uniguard UniClear Guards ™ are corrosion resistant** made from polycarbonate (shield), high density polyethylene (frame) and stainless steel fasteners.

Design & Usage

The UniGuard UniClear Guard is designed to cover the stuffing box  area to prevent intrusion of hands and fingers contacting the rotating shaft. It is not designed to protect against splashing of the liquid being pumped from a leaking seal or packing. Your pumped fluid may attack the clear material. Check chemical compatibility charts to determine if fluid will harm guard. All mechanical seal leaks should be attended to promptly to prevent injury. When clear guard material becomes discolored or cracked it should be replaced immediately.

**Corrosion resistant implies resistance to weather or water, as a  comparison to a standard metal guard which often rust. There are known chemicals which can corrode the guard.


UniClear Adapter Guards are available for many pumps models. We have UniClear guards which fit Goulds Pumps, Flowserv Durco Pumps, and Sulzer. Others may work but have not been tested.

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Standard Product UniClear Guards (Stock)
Special Order Product – UniClear Guards (Non Stock)

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