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When it comes to custom designs for Uniguard Machine Guards, there are a lot of options not often considered.

This chain guard is designed to house a chain and sprocket setup and the metal bottom half is serving the purpose of a lubricant bath/collection tray. This allows for the chain to stay constantly lubricated and the Uniguard housing prevents airborne particles from fouling up the oil. The drain on this version is a 1” FNPT  and is shipping open so the customer can decide to pipe, hose, cap off, or some other method to handle the lubricant from below.

The machine guard is fitted with a large inspection window at the top for easy visual inspection or adding lubricant. The complete guard can easily be handled by two average sized adults, so no lifting handles were required, but could be an available option if the size needed was larger. If you consider what this guard would weigh if constructed entirely of metal that might not be true.

These custom chain machine guards can be used in many industries. For more information regarding the application of custom oil bath machine guards, contact us.

There will be a 3.5% price increase effective with orders placed after 12/31/2020.New updated sizing charts available at Resources Page!