Machine Guards

Uniguard Machine Guards manufactures vertical belt machine guards, horizontal belt machine guards, machine guards with a clear polycarbonate inspection window, OSHA-compliant, MSHA-compliant polyethylene guards, nonmetallic adjustable-width machine guards, and ANSI/OSHA-compliant nonmetallic pump guards. These rugged, rust-proof machine guards are safer than metal machine guards and are ideal in many settings including severe environments.


Uniguard Machine Guarding Solutions

  • OSHA/ANSI Compliant Machine Guarding Solutions that last longer, cost less and easy to install
  • Built for Employee Safety – your convenience and the company’s budget. Replaces the need for in-house or expensive custom-engineered compliant machine guards.
  • Weatherproof – Nonmetallic Machine Guarding – made with premium grade, UV Protected High Density Polyethylene and don’t rust or require painting. Fasteners are stainless steel.
  • Easy Installation – UHMW mounting brackets are easy to align to base mounting holes and are easy to drill.
  • Product Lines include off-the-shelf kit guards – Type CGU, ANSI, Direct Drive Coupling Guards and Belt Guards
ANSI Pump Guards

ANSI Pump Guards - ANSI/OSHA Compliant – Nonmetallic guards will not dent or rust. Cantilevered guard bolts direct to rear of the pump and eliminates drilling base plates to mount guards. ANSI Pumps Guards install in just a couple of minutes and can be removed and remounted in about two minutes. All Uniguard Machine Guards are UV Protected for outdoor use.


Adjustable Width Guards - Nonmetallic, lightweight machine guards will not dent or rust and fit many applications. Simply locate shaft center and drill shaft openings, usually with a hole saw and mount.

Type CG Split Guard

Custom Machine Guard Sizes Available

Type CGU-Kit Guard

CGU – Safer than metal guards, these rugged OSHA-compliant polyethylene guards are smooth-edged, electrically nonconductive, and have no mesh for fingers or tools to poke through. They come with warning labels and are safety orange in color (no painting required), so they’re easy to spot. Perfect for corrosive and outdoor environments, guards have Type 304 stainless steel hardware and are chemical, corrosion, UV, and impact resistant. They feature OSHA-required enhanced end-caps They meet OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.219 for rotating machinery. Each guard comes unassembled, allowing you to custom fit your application.

CLGU Guard

CLGU Guards – Clear polycarbonate Inspection window at the top and is easily removable. Makes strobescope inspection and coupling lubrication quick and simple.

Belt Machine Guards

Nonmetallic, lightweight guards won’t dent or rust and are UV protected against sunlight. Vertical Guards incorporate solid panels in the front and rear of the guard with a vertical split in the center of the guard. Shaft openings are located and field cut, usually with a hole saw. The belt guard easily slips over the equipment, maintaining guards OSHA/ANSI Compliance.

UniClear Shaft Guards

The UniGuard UniClear Shaft Machine Guard is designed to cover the stuffing box area to prevent intrusion of hands and fingers contacting the rotating shaft.