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Even though we’ve made massive strides in recent years when it comes to employee safety in industry, there’s still far too many industrial accidents each year involving machinery. This is where plastic machine guarding can help a great deal in reducing the danger, by covering exposed machine parts that can present a danger to workers.

Uniguard Machine Guards are something of a pioneering company in this respect, and in this article we’ll quickly review the company and their products.

Customizable Guarding

Belt Guard With Removable Front PanelsOne of the great features of Uniguard, is that they can manufacture guards for obscure machinery to meet the client’s needs. Most companies that use heavy machinery have at least one rare or custom-built machine. Customization is also great for if a machine presents a problem in one working environment, that it might not present in others. It can also allow the guarding to have features like viewing windows, that not everybody needs.

Weatherproof and tough.

Far too much equipment is built with perfect conditions in mind, and is less robust in inclement weather. Uniguard’s machine guarding is built to withstand all weather, and is very tough when it comes to resisting accidental impact.

Easy of installation

Despite the toughness of the materials, the machine guarding is easy to install. It slips into place and is secured with ease.

So why should you consider using Uniguard’s machine guarding

It’s not just for safety compliance reasons, but it’s also about being pro-active to prevent injury in your employees. Far too many people each year suffer industrial accidents by getting their clothing caught in a belt, or putting their hands somewhere they shouldn’t. And in nearly all cases, there’s no compelling reason that the dangerous area needs to be exposed. If you need to see what’s happening under the guard, a viewing window can be fitted to allow inspection. It’s also a low-cost solution to a problem when you take into account how much it can cost a business if an employee has a serious accident.

Metal machine guards can help protect your industrial equipment, but are expensive to manufacture and are much heavier to handle. Here are the main advantages for choosing our plastic machine guards:

•    Weatherproof. Plastic does not rust. Plastic guards are flexible to absorb impact.
•    Innovative and customizable at much less cost than metal machine guards.
•    Much lighter than metal machine guards allows for easy installation and handling.
•    No rivets or split seams
•    No corners to catch passing materials
•    Sound dampening compared with metal guarding
•    Can withstand 200 degrees Fahrenheit, with brief exposures up to 230°


Uniguard Machine Guards will implement an average price increase of 5% effective Monday May 15, 2023.
 All orders received on or after this date will be subject to this increase.