A special seminar and shop tour was hosted by owner/president Peter Zielonka of Precision Electric Motor Works, Inc. on Friday February 15th, 2019 at 10am and presented by Uniguard National Sales Manager Kenny Geoghagan. The training seminar featuring Uniguard Machine Guards was held in their newly opened Industrial Showroom. Precision Electric Motor Works is located in Clifton NJ and is one of our Uniguard “Authorized Distributors”.

The innovative Uniguard™ Machine Guard is used primarily to enclose a rotating coupling or V-Belt connecting the shafts of the driven equipment and the driver (usually an electric motor) to prevent harm to people working around the equipment. Made from sturdy polyethylene, these guards can be custom designed in any size–small or large – to cover the rotating shafts and drive components. The guards can be customized for users needing access doors for coupling maintenance (such as greasing), or with clear windows for viewing the rotating elements.

The presentation included the following: