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History of Occupational Health and Safety in the U.S.

This safety and health video was produced and distributed by OSHA in 1980 and tells the history of occupational health and safety in the United States.

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3 Primary Questions When Defending a Machine Guarding Citation

In light of its increasing regularity and formidable penalties, employers should be prepared to consider 3 primary questions when facing the prospect of a machine guarding citation

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Plastic Machine Guarding Advantages Over Metal Machine Guards

It’s not just for safety compliance reasons, but it’s also about being pro-active to prevent injury in your employees. Far too many people each year suffer industrial accidents by getting their clothing caught in a belt, or putting their hands somewhere they shouldn’t.

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OSHA Machine Guards Regulations for Pumping Equipment

In order to reduce the risk of injuries among workers who operate machines such as pumping equipment, machine guards have been developed. Machine guards protect pumping equipment operators from harmful risks such as chemical contact and injuries.

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Machine Guarding Programs

Machine guarding programs are an important element of any industrial workplace that operates machinery. While there are always OSHA standards to consider, a good machine guarding program often goes above and beyond the call of the law to keep employees safe in their day-to-day. Machine guarding programs help protect employees from accidents before they happen, […]

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Machine Safeguarding and Employee Safety

By investing in machine safeguarding products, companies can prevent injuries and protect their workers. Machine Danger Employees who work with unguarded equipment are at risk for lacerations and body crushing injuries. In most cases, machines feature moving parts that can compress fingers, feet or hands as well as cause amputations or blindness. Machines that expel […]

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Protecting Your People & Equipment

Uniguard Machine Guards are a tough, safe, and simple solution for keeping workers, visitors safe while extending the life of your equipment.

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Uniguard will have an increase on standard products pricing effective January 2nd, 2019. Price Lists will be updated shortly.