Fiberboard Papermill

A Uniguard Success Story

The original chip conveyor chain guard was of metal construction and extremely heavy. The weight and design of this guard presented the maintenance department with many challenges for routine maintenance. Tencarva’s Salem, VA, team worked to design an OSHA-compliant machine guard. They created a center-split, flanged-back design with a split front and a top-width inspection window. This design allows the maintenance team the ability to lubricate and check chain tension through the inspection window. The split design allows for easy removal of the top half of the guard without the need to remove the chain sheaves.

Streamline Your Maintenance Routine!

Elevate your operational efficiency with our cutting-edge machine guard. Designed with your maintenance needs in mind, our OSHA-compliant guard features a user-friendly, split design and inspection window for effortless chain lubrication and tension checks. Say goodbye to the heavy, cumbersome guards of the past. Upgrade to our innovative solution today and ensure your maintenance tasks are simpler, faster, and safer. Don’t wait – enhance your maintenance process now!